School History

Solid Foundations began as Mickey Mouse Nursery School, founded in 1972 by Dutch immigrants, Emmy Bradshaw; Marianne van der Zyden and their beloved parents ‘Oupa and Ouma’ Korver. Mickey Mouse rapidly became a landmark in the community, having been established in a somewhat “unpopulated veld” with the community growing around it. The first preschool intake numbered 26 pupils. Since then the preschool has grown to accommodate approximately 100 pupils from Grade RRR to Grade R. 

In answer to an urgent need for affordable private education, ‘Solid Foundations Primary School’ was officially launched in January 1997. The school has come to be regarded as a family, with some staff members who have watched the school grow and have grown with it for over thirty years. The history of the school has been woven with much laughter, joy and love. As our school is a primary school facility, our focus is on providing schooling for children from the reception year up to, and including, Grade 7. The primary school can accommodate approximately 400 pupils.

The staff of the school is committed to providing the best education for the children. Education is provided in the medium of English. Children are encouraged to be creative, to develop all the necessary skills for a balanced life-style and most importantly, children are constantly being affirmed to reach their own unique potential.

In a dynamic and changing society, our school strives to maintain a dynamic and positive attitude, keeping abreast of the developments that have occurred in education. When considering the school’s future, we are committed to maintaining a high standard of education according to the DoE’s requirements, exceeding the expectations of the community, which we serve. We will strive to remain flexible and teachable, advancing good quality education and training and opening the doors of learning to all.