Meet the Teachers

image1Cecilia Tosoni-Soine

Remedial Assistant Teacher

Teacher Cecilia is a young, energetic and huge-hearted addition to our teaching team. She is currently studying a BEd (Foundation Phase) through UNISA and has 6 years teaching experience.  In addition to her current studies, Teacher Cecilia is a qualified pastry, chocolate and confectionery chef. She also loves pink and piggies.

Birthday: 28 April




Kerry Ann Oberink

Grade RRR

Teacher Kerry Ann is our newest addition to the preschool teaching team. She is completing her BEd degree through UNISA this year and absolutely loves young children. Teacher Kerry Ann enjoys anything involving creativity, and also likes to make miracles in the kitchen. Spending time with her family and two Godchildren is her idea of down-time. 


Birthday: 21 October 




Kathy Salgado

Grade RR

Teacher Kathy is creative and exceptionally fun-loving. She has over 12 years of pre-school teaching experience and is Montessori trained. Teacher Kathy enjoys charity work, gardening, biking and any sort of sports. She also holds the title of “Sports Coordinator” for Solid Foundations.

Birthday: 25 March


WhatsApp Image 2017-01-24 at 19.14.39Estelle Meintjes

Grade RR

Teacher Estelle has been teaching for 15 years and grew up in the Mother City, where she qualified with her ECD diploma through the College of Cape Town. She has been in Johannesburg for the past 4 years where she met her husband and decided to make Gauteng her home. Her interests and hobbies include reading, travel, swimming, gardening, outdoor activities and history. She is also a bit of a petrol head and likes fast cars!

Birthday: 24 September



Candice Muller

Grade R

Teacher Candice’s class is a bucket of laughter. Her vivacious personality spreads cheer throughout the school and is coupled with a deeply caring heart towards the pupils. Teacher Candice has 18 years of teaching experience and qualified with a BA (Ed).  She enjoys reading, scrap-booking and cooking. She is also trying out her hand at knitting and is at the helm of many crocheting charity drives.

Birthday: 30 March

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Laura Brand

Grade R

Teacher Laura is artistic, talented and professional. She has over 22 years of teaching experience with a 4 year H.D.E. qualification. She relaxes with hobbies like drawing, writing poetry, participating in praise and worship and flag dancing. She also loves singing , reading, doing crosswords and watching movies!

Birthday: 14 July



_AS_0672 (2)Erika Helmbold


Mrs Helmbold is passionate about education! She has 22 years of teaching experience and has a Masters Degree (Educational Psychology). Mrs Helmbold is keenly interested in all things educational, but early Mathematics and Science particularly tweaks her fancy. Her hobbies include reading, going on family day-trips and indulging in decadent bubble-baths.

Birthday: 29 March



IMG_0265Beulah Tudhope

Grade 1

Mrs Tudhope is loyal and dependable and with over 45 years of teaching behind her, is one of our most experienced staff members! She has a H.D.E and a F.D.E. (MBD). She relaxes with scrapbooking, card-making and paper craft, but also enjoys travelling and reading.

Birthday: 16 March



Michelle Ison

Grade 1

Miss Ison is the newest addition to the Solid Foundations teaching family. Although young, she comes with an iron-clad reputation of reliability and trustworthiness as a teacher. She also has a humble teachable spirit and strong moral values. We are looking forward to watching her use her reputed initiative and servant-hood in teaching our 2019 Grade 1’s. She has a BEd degree and her hobbies include reading and spending time with her family and friends.

Birthday: 8 November


IMG_0266Chantal Strickler

Grade 2

Mrs Strickler is talented and hard-working. She has 13 years of teaching experience and is highly qualified with a BA degree, PGCE, BA Hons (clinical psychology) and a B-Psych Hons (child psychology). Her favourite activities include spending time with her young son, Luke, and when she has an extra moment, reading and brain-building with Sudoku puzzles. 

Birthday: 4 January





Maru van der Merwe

Grade 2

Mrs Van has a sparkle in her eyes and keeps us giggling with her terrific sense of humor. She has 16 years experience in corporate training and 14 years experience in education. Her professional qualification is a H.D.E.

Mrs Van enjoys gardening and reading. She is also a talented crocheter and can feast your ears with sprouts of Latin – a talented lady indeed.

Birthday: 7 February




Grenva Savig

Grade 3

Mrs Savig oozes serenity and is a soothing and talented asset to our school. She has been teaching for 21 years and has a H.D.E qualification. We simply love her gentle sing-a-long sessions with a guitar in her classroom. Mrs Savig is an avid camper and hiker, and enjoys a good book to read.

Birthday: 18 March




Bronwyn Erwee

Grade 3

Miss Erwee is a gentle gem. She has a very sweet and motherly approach to her pupils, is in her fifth year of teaching and is qualified with a BEd Degree. Miss Erwee sees her classroom as her mission-field for spreading God’s love. She relaxes by engaging in artistic fun and jogging (a particular “Park Run” enthusiast!).

Birthday: 19 March





IMG_0283Caron Le Roux

Grade 4

Mrs Le Roux is extremely organised, impressively tech-savvy and exceptionally talented. She has been teaching for 22 years and has a BPrimEd degree. Mrs Le Roux leaves a wonderful scent of Christianity in the halls of our school. Her hobbies are reading, camping and crocheting, but she would just as soon spend time with family and friends to unwind.

Birthday: 6 April




Natalie de Waal

Grade 4

Miss de Waal is a passionate and hard working teacher. She has 25 years of teaching experience and qualified with an H.D.E.  Miss de Waal is a nature lover and enjoys travelling to new places. Her hobbies include reading, watching movies, gardening and walking her dog Walter. 


Birthday: 7 August




IMG_0398Pingla Maharaj

Grade 5 – 6 mathematics

Mrs Maharaj is a skilled mathematics teacher and produces wonderful results in her field of expertise. She has over 39 years of teaching experience and has a H.D.E. Mrs Maharaj brings in a fun cultural blend to the teaching team, and in addition to occasionally treating us with delicious Indian dishes, enjoys Indian classical dance as a hobby. She also loves reading and gardening in her spare time.

Birthday: 1 August




Belinda McIntosh

English Grade 6 and Afrikaans Grade 5 and 7

Mrs Mc is a well-loved and bubbly staff member. She has 13 years of teaching experience with a BEd degree. Her delicious treats boast of her baking abilities, and she also relaxes with a good book, crocheting and dabbling in pottery. Naturally, one of her primary interests is finding out more about education and her favourite colour by far is orange!

Birthday: 13 June




Isabel Schreiber

Grade 7 Natural Science and Technology, EMS and Maths.

Mrs Schreiber has a wealth of general knowledge! She has 15 years of teaching experience and qualified with a BA Hons and PGCE. Her interests lie in reading and gardening when she is not power-pointing her next interesting lesson. She has a particular soft-spot for Grade 7 pupils and has asked to be a part of the exciting process of building their Maths and Science skills before heading off to high school.

Birthday: 26 June




IMG_0402Hannelie Rees

Grade 6 Afrikaans

Mrs Rees is a quiet, dependable and highly competent teacher with 25 years of teaching behind her. With her H.D.E qualification she has been assisting students after hours for many years as an extra-Afrikaans teacher. In her spare time, Mrs Rees enjoys any craft activities, but especially scrapbooking.

Birthday: 11 March




IMG_0390Coach Debbie

Physical Education

Coach Debbie is our fit and fine-formed member of staff. She has been running, jumping and swinging with children for over 26 years. She is the mother of a gorgeous and energetic toddler – Jesse. Her interests lie (excluding motherhood of course) in sports (a huge Sharks fan!), playing netball and working out at the gym. She also loves photography and spending quality time with her family.

Birthday: 2 August 


Cyndy Obbes

Senior primary Life Orientation and Grade 1 – 7 Computers

Mrs Obbes is the big shoulder to cry on for pupils at our school! She has 8 years experience in adult education and 6 years experience in primary school education. Mrs Obbes has a corporate diploma, but is always studying further education and counselling courses. She enjoys a myriad of craft activities like painting, sewing and crocheting, but is open to any new and interesting craft activities. We are often blessed with the fruits of her labours from her vegetable garden, and when she gets an extra moment, Mrs Obbes loves to read.

Birthday: 21 July



Kathryn de Beer

Music Appreciation

Having grown up in a musical environment (her mother is a music teacher), with a BMus Ed behind her name, and over 12 years of music teaching experience, Teacher Kathryn is extremely excited to be running the music education department of our school, and leaves a “Julie Andrews” feel lingering in her wake.

She is originally a Cape Town girl, so enjoys trips to the beach and nature walks. What brings her most joy is spending quality time with her husband and little girl, serving on her church praise and worship team, and reading a good book (when she gets a chance!).

Birthday: 11 April




Isabel van Dijk20170110_154055-1

Grade 5 – 7 Geography and Grade 5 English

Mrs van Dijk holds a BEd degree and is an absolute treasure trove of teaching experience-18 years internationally and locally. Her mannerisms are serene and stable – yet she is an enthusiastic and dynamic participant in all school activities! In her spare time she dabbles in a vast array of hobbies and interests including dancing, art, sewing, crocheting, gardening, Pergamano, reading, Geology, Egyptology, computer games and Sudoku!

Birthday: 22 July





Michelle Babcock

Grade 5 and 6  – Natural Science and Technology

Mrs Babcock was formerly our P.T. coach and Grade RRR teacher. She was invited to pursue her heart’s passion and to teach Science to the senior grades in 2017. Mrs Babcock holds an Associates of Science in Mathematics degree from Count Community College in Elyria, Ohio. She has also completed chemistry and engineering coursework including Chemistry (3 years general chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry), Biology, Physics , Biochemistry, Technical Drawing plus engineering courses Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics,etc.

Her hobbies are knitting and crocheting. She is an energetic sports lady, actively participating in adult cricket and netball teams. Her down time involves playing video games with the men in her life – her husband and two young sons.

Birthday: 10 August


Jay SwiegersIMG_2898

Grade 7 English and Senior Primary History 

Mr Swiegers is our proverbial thorn amongst the roses, but we are thrilled to be introducing some fresh young masculine blood into the staff pool. He has proven his capability in the class as well as with his excellent work ethic for two years in our school. Mr Swiegers is currently finalising his studies in his BEd through UNISA and is majoring in English and History. 

Mr Swiegers is most content when reading or playing the piano.

Birthday: 7 June


Melissa Mamapa

Grade 1 – 7 isiZulu and Grade 7 EMS

Miss Mamapa is a caring and warm individual who has decided to join the wonderful world of teachers full-time in 2017. She has an Honours Degree in Political Science and is currently studying a P.G.C.E. Miss Mamapa enjoys reading, cooking and photography. She brings a relaxed and people-loving breeze with her wherever she goes. 

Birthday: 9 May 




Peter Godwin

Grade 5 – 7 Art

Mr Godwin runs his own Graphics Design company and is a highly talented asset to our teaching team. With a Diploma in his field, Mr Godwin not only teaches art, but lives it. He enjoys time out with his friends and family, but loves meeting interesting new people and is obviously passionate about all things concerning Design and Art. He unwinds by listening to Christian and classical music, as well as dabbling in photography, hiking, gardening and travelling. When he’s not teaching, Mr Godwin does Graphic Design work for companies and private individuals and is also commissioned to paint murals, landscapes and portraits. 

Birthday: 14 March


Christine Braun

Ms Braun is introducing cello and violin to our Grade 5-7 pupils during school hours and is our private Grade RRR-4 cello and violin teacher after hours. We are so excited about her invaluable contribution to our music department. Ms Braun is a talented cellist and the coordinator of the East Rand Youth Orchestra. When not delving into her love of music, she also enjoys reading and travelling.

Birthday: 16 July