List of transport companies 2021

Transport Companies -2021

The following companies offer transport to-and-from Solid Foundations Primary.

Our school does not check the quality of these transports and indemnifies itself from any incidents relating to the use of their services. We are merely listing their names to assist our families in finding a suitable company.

When selecting a transport service, please do ask the following questions:

  1. Is the driver fully licenced (PDP etc.)?
  2. How many children will be transported in the car at a single time?
  3. Is the car road-worthy?
  4. Does the transport guarantee collection from Solid Foundations by latest 14h10?
Name of transport company Name of Driver Telephone number Area serviced
Aunty Bongi Bongi 083-350-1259/ 084-916-7480 Birch Acres, Norkem Park
Aunty Fikile Fikile 073-317-8733 Birch Acres, Norkem, Birchleigh
Aunty Ntombi Ntombi 083-279-9917 Birch Acres, Terenure, Norkem
Boitobis Transport Lerato 082-308-7485 Flexible
Bongani Bongani 071-702-6995 Norkem and surrounds
Bramby transport Bramby 061-848-9938 Birch Acres and surrounds
Chris Chokoe Chris Chokoe 082-485-0414 Flexible
Daniel Daniel 073-270-2772 Birch Acres and surrounds
Gandhi Xundu Ghandi 072-222-1818 Birch Acres, Terenure, Norkem, Birch Acres
Grace Transport Grace 082-227-3825 Birchleigh
James James 079-799-9321 Birch Acres and surrounds
Johan Bothma Joha 061-452-6732 Birchleigh and Norkem Park
Kenneth Transport Kenny 078-608-3812 Birch Acres, Terenure, Pomolong
Kgolane Pule Kgolane 083-209-1596 Birchleigh, Norkem, Terenure, Edleen, van Riebeeck
Kwena’s transport Kwena Kgadima 072-242-9195 Birch Acres and surrounds
Lazarus transport Lazarus 079-149-2930 Birch Acres and surrounds
Livhu Transport Lebo 071-318-6478 Birchleigh North, Norkem High School
Liz’s Transport Lizanda Joshua 079-029-8047 Norkem and surrounds
Mama’s shuttle Nolufefe 072-200-6325 Norkem Park, Birch Acres, Terenure and Birchleigh
Mandla’s transport Mandla 076-437-6769 Birch Acres and surrounds
Mandla’s Transport Mandla 073-577-3366 Flexible
Marak’s transport Lerato 081-802-8300 Birch Acres and surrounds
Martin Bana Bele Marty 061-885-5605 Tembisa and Norkem surrounds
Maseko’s Transport Wandile Maseko 074-533-9071 Flexible
Matlabasisiters Projects Tebogo 076-891-7198 Flexible
Matlabasisters Transport Tebogo Matlaba 076-891-7198 Birch Acres, Birchleigh, Norkem, Terenure, van Riebeeck
Nolundi’s Transport Nolundi 071-007-3090/ 076-713-5708 Kempton Park Schools
P Lelapa Transport Phindile 078-772-6075 Birchleigh, Norkem Park
Pam’s Scholar Transport Pam 082-969-5638 Kempton Park, Birchleigh and surrounds
Peter Mashabela Peter 073-092-0089 Norkem and Birchleigh
Phumlane Lazlo Sithole Ruthful 081-580-9103 Birchleigh, Norkem
Phuti Phuti 060-952-4377 Birch Acres, Norkem, Terenure
S Mhlongo Mhlongo 064-000-0464 Birchleigh, Birch Acres, Norkem
Sis Ntombi Sibusiso 082-968-1662 Kempton Park, Terenure, Norkem, Birch Acres
Tebogo’s Transport Tebogo 081-701-3265 Birchleigh and surrounds
Theleni Transport and Tours Mohato 081-762-5484/063-249-7028 Birch Acres extensions and Terenure
Toto and Tours Magreth 063-249-7028 Flexible
Vermaak School Transport Adri Vermaak 081-544-1278 Birch Acres, Birchleigh, Terenure, Van Riebeeck Park
Welly’s Transport Welly 081-303-7598 Flexible
Virginia Virginia Madubela-Mokoena 0748774661 / 0685589986 Flexible
Zan’s Transport Zan and dad 067-086-6567/ 061-303-1332 Birchleigh North