School fees structure 2020 (2021’s fees will be announced in the fourth term of 2020)

School’s banking details:

Solid Foundations Primary


Glen Acres Branch (code 143342)

Account number: 1524019879

Use your child’s name and surname as a reference please


Basic tuition fees for 2020:

  Twelve month payment plan

Monthly fee from 1 Jan- 1 Dec

Eleven month payment plan

Monthly fee from 1 Jan – 1 Nov

Grade RRR R2000 R2180
Grade RR R2250 R2460
Grade R R2600 R2840
Grade 1 – 3 R2900 R3170
Grade 4 – 7 R3250 R3550


After Care (13h00 – 17h30) fees:

Permanent service: R850 p.m (twelve payments)

Single afternoon service: R85


Once-off non refundable enrolment fee (payable upon acceptance into the school):



Annual stationery, outings and book fee payable by the first week in February. The following list is our 2020 prices:

Grade Outings Stationery Books Total
RRR R960 R660   R1620
RR R960 R660   R1620
R R960 R750   R1710
1 R710 R860 (books included)   R1570
2 R710 R1030 (books included)   R1740
3 R710 R880(books included)   R1590
4 R750 R1120 (books included)   R1870
5 R610 (purchase own as required) R1460 R2070
6 R630 (purchase own as required) R1310 R1940
7 R750 (purchase own as required) R1430 R2180