Extra Murals


Name of contact person: Melanie

Number: 074-148-8247

Email: primapilates1@gmail.com

Current cost: R240pm

Day of activity: Wednesday GrR :7h30 – 8h00

Thursday Gr1-3: 7h30 – 8h00




Dance Mouse/ Dance Madness (Hip hop and freestyle dancing)

Name of contact person: Mary-Anne

Number: 082-653-4597/6dance mouse

Email: kemptonpark@dancemouse.co.za

Current cost: Gr RRR – RR: R210pm, Gr R – 7: R240pm

Day of activity: Monday

Grade 1 -3 : 14h00 – 14h45


Grade RRR- R: 13h15 – 13h45

Grade 4-7: 13h45 – 14h30



Violin and cello (age 3 upwards)

Name of contact person: Christine Braun

Number: 084-549-7236

Email: christine.braun@gmail.com

Current cost : R1,485 per term / R500 per month.

Day of activity :Private lesson times during or after school





Guitar (Grade 4 upwards)1e33425a5ee1280c38c3fa21172c2fd3

Name of contact person: Pieter

Number: 071-635-1929 

Email: pieterjooste87@gmail.com

Current cost: R400 pm

Day of activity: Friday afternoons 13h30 – 14h30




Name of contact person: Sharlene

Number: 079-659-1059

Email: sharlene@manners4minors.co.za

Current cost: R160 pm

Day of activity: Thursday afternoons 13h00 – 13h30





Name of contact person: Debbie

Number: 082-440-4708

Email: debbiesd@outlook.com

Current cost: R260pm

Day of activity: Mondays

Grade R – 3: 13h30 – 14h15

Grade 4 – 7: 14h15 – 15h00



Name of contact person: Kathy

Number: 071-919-5921IMG_1415

Email: kathysadler3@gmail.com

Current cost: R260pm

Day of activity:

Tuesday  Grade R – 3: 13h05 – 13h50

Tuesday Grade 4 – 5: 14h00 – 15h00

Thursday Grade 6 – 7: 14h15 – 15h15





Name of contact person: Mike

Number: 011- 976-4883/ 076-106-3473

Email: bronwyn.thomas@ipulse.co.za

Current cost: R500 pm

Day of activity: Monday – Friday afternoons 13h10 onwards





Name of contact person: Debbie

Number: 082-440-4708

Email: debbiesd@outlook.com

Current cost: R220pm

Day of activity: Monday (Grade RR and R)

During school breaks




Name of contact person: Amanda

Number: 071-351-2277

Email: wilsonamanda14@gmail.com

Current cost: R510 per term

Day of activity: Tuesday afternoons: 13h00 – 13h30



Europa Football (Grade 1 -7) and Soccerstarz (preschool)IMG_1206

Name of contact person: Shane or Devin

Number: 084-293-3305 (Shane) 071-470-6855 (Devin)

Email: devin@soccercise.co.za 

Current cost:

One training session per week: R180 pm

Two training sessions per week: R300 pm

Day of activity:

Friday afternoons at Solid Foundations (Soccerstarz lessons):

Gr RRR – R: 12h45 – 13h15

Wednesdays at Solid Foundations:

Grade 1 – 3: 13h15 – 14h00

Grade 4 – 7: 14h15 – 15h15

Fridays at Mooifontein (pupils are transported by school bus):

Grade 1 – 3: 13h30 – 14h15

Grade 4 – 7: 14h30 – 15h30



Name of contact person: Ellen

Number: 082-920-8747

Email: talswim@mweb.co.za

Current cost: R610 pm including transport

Day of activity:Mondays and Thursdays 30 min lessons

During school day children transported 



Name of contact person: Carlouw

Number: 072-093-3180

Email: carlouw@thompsonstennisacademy.co.za

Current cost: R270 pm (30 min lessons) R295 pm (45 min lessons)

Day of activity: Wednesday afternoons 13h30 onward (time slots every 45 minutes)

(1-6 kids per group lesson)




Name of contact person: Lynette628a3f1ea8900c7be9d62548810fbe9a

Number: 071-869-9632

Email: www.ucmas-sa.co.za

Current cost: Gr 1 – 7: R535 pm (2hrs weekly)

                         Gr RR -R: R420 pm (1hr per week)

Day of activity: Monday – Foundation & Basic

                            Thursday – Elementary



Extra Maths (Grade  5 -7)Image result for kids maths

Name of contact person: Thando Mavuso

Number:  083-246-4940

Email:  thando.t.mavuso@gmail.com

Current cost:  R100 per lesson (pay as you attend)

Day of activity:  

4 Monday 14h30 – 16h00
5 Tuesday 14h30 – 16h00
6 Wednesday 14h30 – 16h00
7 Thursday 14h30 – 16h00


Extra Afrikaansbly-kalm-en-praat-afrikaans-8

Name of Contact person: Jay Swiegers

Number: 011-976-5300

Email: admin@solidfoundationsprimary.com

Current cost: R100 per lesson

Day of Activity: Friday 14h00 – 15h00



Knitting and crocheting (Primary School)

Name of contact person: Bronywn Bellwood

Number: 082-468-5524

Email: bron.bellwood@gmail.com 

Current cost: R180 per month (includes ball of wool)

Day of Activity: TBA




Name of contact person: Mrs van Dijk

Number: 083-263-7327

Email: dijk@telkomsa.net

Current cost: R150 per month

Day of Activity: Thursday directly after school for an hour (starting time JP – 13h45) and SP (14h45)


Glee Club (small singing groups similar to a choir)

Name of contact person: Mrs De Beer (Teacher Kathryn)

Number: 072-515-8213

Email: kathryn@kgmusic.co.za


Age: Grade 5-7

Day of activity: Friday 7h00 – 7h30

Price: R200 per term



Coding (Computer Programming)

Name of contact person: Marcel Du Ry

Number: 076 299 4102

Email: learn@digitank.co.za

Age: Grade 1-7

Day of activity: Thursday 14h30 – 16h30

Price: R860 per term payable before classes start