Our Vision and Mission



To glorify God by continuing the legacy of providing a high standard of education, established by the school’s founders in 1972.


It is our vision to be recognized as a Christian family-based institution providing academic excellence without compromising on a warm personal atmosphere.

Key Values

  • The Bible is the Word of God, which is the basis for all instruction principles.
  • Every child is equal before God and the Law and no nationality, colour, creed or heritage will influence that value.
  • Children have a right to the opportunity to receive the best education and development paths possible and available.
  • The recognised best educational practices will be pursued and the requirements of the Gauteng Educational Department will always form the foundation of such practices.
  • All assistants, councilors and teachers will be adequately skilled and where required and appropriate, suitably qualified.
  • Consultation with teachers, parents and the various education and local authorities is essential and will be undertaken on a regular basis.
  • All our efforts will be conducted enthusiastically and with joy with due recognition that our children are our number one priority.